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Oct. 2008  We said goodbye to family, friends and Mauston on a warm, sunny day. This is good travelin’ weather. We’re all hoping Tasha doesn’t do her ‘whining thing’ again like last year… so far-so good. We are towing the motorcycle behind the 5th wheel this year. Robb said last year was just too painful to be w/o the bike in all that good ridin’ weather.

We are headed to Texas for a couple months. Our first 2 days are going to be quick 1 night stays, in Wenona, IL. and in Cuba, MO.


We pulled into Paradise Valley Camping Club in Cassville, MO for 4 days. It is in the Ozark Mts. near Eureka Springs, AR.



This is a nice camp resort. Tasha and I stayed inside after seeing these huge turkey vultures. Everyday they fly overhead and rest in the trees that surround the camp. Robb said we had nothing to worry about because they didn’t eat live kitties.



Some things remain the same… our humans love to go out to eat. Friends told them that they MUST go to Smokin’ Joes… so they did.



There was nothing too special about the outside of the place.  Good thing the inside was better, and best of all, the food was good. Robb said it was worth the drive especially on the motorcycle. This was the first bike ride they had taken since leaving WI. 



The Ozark’s are interesting. There are many places to see if you have enough time. Here are 2 places our humans visited while taking motorcycle rides.

There is a place where The Passion Play is performed.  On that campus there is a HUGE statue called Christ Of The Ozark’s. You can read more about it here:



Here is Thorncrown Chapel. It is mostly glass it has over 400 windows.



Robb and Kathy sat inside. They said it was very peaceful.



After 4 relaxing days we packed up to go to Hatfield, AR. It is home to CMA Headquarters at Iron Mt.  Our humans are attending the Changing Of The Colors Rally for 4 days with thousands of other CMAer’s.



There were no cat activities at the rally, so I don’t know how it could have been all that interesting but each day they came back to the trailer very late and talked a lot about what went on at the rally.



Our next stay was near Ashdown, AR.  We camped at Millwood Landing Golf and RV  Resort for 2 nights. We had a nice surprise there. Bob and Donna Bergmann met us and now we will all be traveling together again.




Next destination for 1 week is Lake Whitney Resort RV and Golf, a large place with many roads to go for walks. Too bad I don’t have pictures to share. Kathy forgets to take the camera. The Chapel at the Resort was very nice. Robb and Kathy got to play songs for the Sunday service. The residents were very appreciative.


Nov. 2008 One of our humans’ goals is to ride The Hill Country of Texas. We arrive in Canyon Lake (near New Braunfels) for 2 weeks. Lake Point Resort was a nice place with super friendly residents, abundant wildlife and unusual speed limits…




Al and Corene Watson are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. They made it possible for Robb and Kathy to play at the resort’s church services, a special 1 hour performance to raise money for CMA and join with the many other Christians from the park at the weekly Bible Study.



San Antonio was about an hour from camp. One day the 4 tourists drove to see the Alamo and San Antonio’s famous River Walk.




After 7 days at Lake Point we drove 8 miles down the road to The Summit Vacation Resort on the scenic River Road.



The campground is in a valley surrounded by lots of trees. This time of year there aren't a lot of campers here but we had a motorhome park next to us with 2 ladies who are sisters. Their names are Sandy and Kathy. Robb and Kathy liked them and had long talks with them.




Mikey and I were excited to hear about Wurstfest!!! Until we realized... we weren't invited to go along. I hope they'll bring some wurst home for us.





One warm November day our humans took a scenic ride through the Hill Country. They had a great time. Kathy snapped lots of pictures while riding, so many in fact it was hard choosing which ones to show you in such a limited space.


 Here are some that may give you a feel for the reason they call this Hill Country.



Hills are not the only attractions. Look at some of this other scenery. If I was a little braver, I’d ask to go along but that bike is pretty loud… even louder then Kathy’s dreaded vacuum cleaner.



As they rode they found a unique place called Koyote Ranch. It is a 100 acre preserve with cabins to rent and a campground with great scenery. It is a stop for bikers as they ride the many twisty roads. There is food to enjoy inside or out on the patio area where you can relax in the sun or under cover. There are Koyote Ranch suvenoirs and other items for sale in the shop. Here are some pictures Kathy took.



Robb and Kathy have spent many hours practicing their music. As they have performed, people have asked if they have CD's. That made them decide to turn a section of the trailer into a studio.



It's a family project so I tried my best to help out with some of the instrumentals. Then of course Tasha always thinks she can do better, so she volunteered some of her talents too. Our styles differ. Tasha likes country but I prefer to think of myself as more of a cool jazz cat.



After great success as studio musicians we tried our 'paw' at some challenging vocals. Here I am taking a breather. This recording business isn't as easy as it looks. I'm looking forward to the project being done so I can get back to my afternoon cat naps. 





Our time has come to an end in the Texas Hill Country. We will be on our way to the Rio Grande Valley. There are 2 stops along the way, Mathis and Edinburgh.

It is said that everything is bigger in Texas. This bug on the roof of the truck proves that statement to be true. We stopped overnight in Mathis, TX. where we saw grapefruit trees, large aloe plants and palm trees.


Three nights in Edinburgh, TX gave us a chance to wash the truck and camper. We pulled into Lazy Palms Ranch which is really not a ranch. Here in Texas that's what they call large communities such as subdivisions and campgrounds. This is a wide open camp with permanent houses and trailers along with those of us who just stay for a short time. There is plenty of room for many long walks.


We are glad that our next stop is Posada Del Sol in Harlingen, TX. for a whole month! I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy. Mikey and I can stay put... no cat carrier, no truck ride, no bumps. YEA! Did I mention that I am happy... Posada was a very friendly place, even our snowman couldn't help but smile. Our humans were happy to be a part of the Thanksgiving dinner (bottom left) where there was a ton of good food, but AS USUAL no pets allowed. This was our home (bottom right) till we left for WI. on Dec.14th.

Posada did not have any Christian activities so the 1st Sunday our humans searched for a church to attend and found CFC (Christian Fellowship Church). They enjoyed the worship and message from Pastor Barry Jackson.


One of the many places to visit in the area is South Padre Island. It didn't take long before the 4 humans took a day and hit the beach.

On the way back they stopped at a shell store. Kathy found some interesting displays and when they stepped outside there was the start to a beautiful sunset.

In our month's stay our humans befriended many people through Divine appointments. They had lots of opportunities to sing for hundreds of people in several different places. To start with, Robb met a man named Joe at the Dodge dealer. Joe invited them to a jam session at the resort where he is the church's choir director. They did go to the jam at Sunshine RV Resort in Harlingen and before they left they were asked to sing at the resorts' church services and an Ice Cream Social. 

Dec. 2008 Here is Joe with the choir. They have a piano player (pictured here) and an organist (on the other side of the stage). It was like a real church even though it was in the rec hall.

These people became special friends to Robb and Kathy. Top left: Joe and Glenda, top right: Jerry and Judy, bottom left: Pastor Lee, bottom right: Vic and Cheryl.

At another jam at Sunshine they were approached by a woman, Virginia who asked them to play at her church, (1st Baptist Church in Rio Hondo) they did and through that they met a missionary to Mexico who asked them to play at a church that he supports there. They had to SMILE to see how God was arranging all these opportunities.

Top left: Frank and Virginia, top right: 1st Baptist Rio Hondo (new building), bottom left: Old church at night where Robb and Kathy participated along with many others in an evening service, bottom right: Rio Hondo Choir with worship leader, Vance Greek.

Kathy will tell you about their trip to Mexico.


These were taken at the church in Mexico where nobody but the Pastor and his family spoke English. By the pictures you will see that the language difference was not a hinderance to the worship service. We all spoke the same language in the Spirit. Robb and I sang and spoke in English as Pastor Eduardo interpreted. The congregation including the kids responded with joy, clapping and cheering.

Top left is the missionary who brought us to Mexico. Top right is the church's praise band. The bottom pictures show the excitement of the worshipers. We thank God for such a wonderful experience and blessing.

The last week we were in TX. was full of activity. One day the 4 humans went to shop and take in the sights, sounds and smells over the border in Mexico. It was just 2 days later that Robb and Kathy played at the church in Mexico.

On our last full day in TX. all 4 humans spent the day as tourists visiting a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Original Iwo Jima Memorial and Museum in Harlingen.

The next day we said goodbye to Bob, Donna and Posada Del Sol. We will be driving to WI. for Christmas while Bob and Donna will fly back to their home in West Allis, then return to Posada for the rest of the winter and we will go to Florida. Our 1st night's stay was at Dad's RV Park. It was very festive.

Eventually we parked the trailer in the Florida panhandle and drove north through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois. We stayed overnight in southern IL. We watched the weather so we could plan our travels around 2 different storms. Robb planned everything perfectly. We missed all the bad weather arriving in Milwaukee right on time. Kathy did take pictures of some of the frozen scenery through IL.

Kathy says that she thinks this looks neat but she'll take the sunshine and 70 degrees any day.

It is good to be back at Granny Pearl's. The first thing I did was run through the kitchen to the family room back through the kitchen to the living room then hit a plastic ball past the kitchen and slid to a stop on the carpet in the family room. I had forgotten how big and fun a real house can be. Yes siree and we get to stay here for 10 tens, yippee!!

I am making myself at home. My favorite spot is this great table in front of the window. There's so much to watch outside.

Tasha on the other hand remembers this chair from our house in Muskego. She misses living there sometimes and is enjoying this time of resting in the warm sunshine.

'Tis the season for visiting relatives. Kathy's brother Gregg invited them over for a small Christmas get-together. Top left:  Gregg and Shelly. Top right: Sammy is now 7 mos. old. I told you back in May that one day he was going to turn into a 'scary one'... it won't be long now... Bottom left: Gathered around the table are Jeff, Robb, Gregg, Shelly and Bailey. Bottom right: Julie and Kat are hugging the 2 dalmations, Karly and Chewy that Kathy and Robb bought for Kat and Sam.

Gerald and Julie are relatives from England. They visit America often, seeing family in Milw. regularly. They met Robb, Kathy and Granny for lunch at Meyer's.


Christmas Eve '08 was spent at George and Carol's. It's too bad Mikey and I stayed back at Granny's. We would have liked visiting with everyone...well almost everyone. Mikey remembers last year that Vera was very bossy!

This set of pictures shows, Top left: George and Carol preparing food for the meal. Top right: Vera is overseeing the cooking, making sure it's all done right...she's still very bossy. Bottom left: The table was set beautifully. Bottom right: Happy guests like Kathy, took time to call big brother Corey, who stayed in Phoenix this year for Christmas. No Corey, no Rob, Jamie and kids not even Josh and Justin this Christmas Eve! 



Top left: The 2 Kathy's are convinced that they are the best presents anyone could get. Top right: Here's Granny Pearl looking up long enough from some snacks to tell them they are 'Priceless'. Bottom left: Corey was missed by everyone. Robb made sure that Corey's annual Computer Marathon was not neglected in his absence. I mean what's Christmas without the latest electronics? Bottom right: Jerry is enjoying family time while relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine.



Christmas Day 08 is very different this year at Granny's. The only ones here are Robb, Kathy, Granny, Mikey and me!! Usually kids (grown ones & the scary small ones) are all over the place. This year... well let's just say, it was too quiet but we all enjoyed our gifts.



Later that afternoon the party moved over to Eric's house. He is Carol's sister, Sue's boyfriend. He has a very nice house and was good enough to share it with lots of family. For those of you who weren't there, here are some pics that Kathy took.


Top left: Eric lives in Mequon, WI. this is the foyer where a large tree greets you as you enter. Top right: Carol plays checkers with the boys. Bottom left: Festive tables run in Carol's family. Bottom right: There is a warm, inviting fireplace in the central living area.



Top left: Sue does a fantastic job with the meal. Top right: The food line starts, everything is yummy. Bottom left: Granny gets some serious talking in with Serena. Bottom right: Everybody gets a gift from under the tree. Robb and Kathy say, "Thanks Eric and Sue for a Merry Christmas Night."




You may think that after 4 Christmas gatherings that was the end but it's not. Next our humans drive up to Mauston for more Christmas fun. The snowstorms and frigid air are annoying again this year. Robb and Kathy are always whinning about the weather here... they're as bad as Tasha whinning about the truck. Someone might say that they are getting on my nerves...but not me, I love 'em.


Top left: Josh opens one of his gifts. Top right: Team games are lots of fun but it can get pretty noisy. Bottom left: Robb and Kathy may have been complaining about the snow and cold but Kathy couldn't resist going out and making a snowman. Bottom right: Justin's turn to open a gift.



Outside there's lots of fun to be had even if it is cold. Top left & bottom right: Let's go snowboarding! Top right: Buddy just wants to chase snowballs. Bottom left: You may be wondering what Kathy is doing with that thing on her nose while she talks with Corey & holds his picture. It's all about tradition! Since they were very young they have taken a yearly picture together with one or the other of them wearing this homemade ornament on their nose with their eyes bugged out. WHY? No reason... just one of those things you do. SILLY? Maybe, but it's not Christmas without it!



Well, one more WI. Christmas event to go to! Robb and Kathy have a CMA Dec. meeting and Christmas  party to attend in Wonewoc, WI.

Fun was had by all!  Top left, bottom left and right: The fellowship and food were great. Top right: Some gifts were crazy like Robb's new green hat and handle bar streamers.



Top: Bill and Jim are great fans of SPAM. One gift was this sharp lookin' bike with SPAM saddlebags. They both deeply desired it. Bottom: Ken and Vicki, Robb and Gordy enjoy the festivities.



After 6 Christmas celebrations with family and friends it is time to say goodbye to WI. again. Robb and Kathy left the CMA party and drove back to Granny Pearl's in Milwaukee. They packed everything into the truck including us and headed south ... Florida, here we come!!!

It was a loooooong drive. We are always glad to get out of the pet carrier to stretch our legs.



One of our stops for diesel was at a Piggly Wiggly. Robb was so happy because of the price, he kissed the fuel nozzle.



Kathy couldn't believe the price, she took a picture of the reciept.



We pulled into Sunset King Resort in De Funiak Springs, FL. on the 30th. Our trailer has been here in storage since before Christmas. We will stay here 2 nights. It is a really nice resort.






Jan. 09  After 2 days of resting and enjoying the warmer weather we packed up the trailer and headed for 3 Flags RV Resort in Wildwood, FL. Our drive was not too long today but we still were able to escape the carrier for a while. Kathy & Robb keep talking about seeing the kids... oh boy, I'm glad we've had plenty of warning! They also said that Jeff, Kathy & family flew down to be with Rob, Jamie and the scary ones for a week. We will see them all in a couple days.



After arriving at The Bee's on Fri. Jan. 3rd our humans took the day off to relax. The next 2 days are going to be full of excitement. Can you believe they are going to yet another Christmas celebration? This time it will be with Rob, Jamie and yes...the scary ones! Tasha and I  made it clear that we needed more rest so we will just stay back in the trailer for a couple of days, (whew)!

Here are Rob and Jamie, the hosts of the party down in Kissimmee, FL. ( yes, Rob is yawning, still works 3rd shift)



Top left: I'm suppose to say how cute the 2 little girls are. OK!  I said it. But I must add... and SCARY! Top right: Jamie shows us her new Mickey PJ's. I'm told that Mickey Mouse is famous in Kissimmee. He doesn't resemble any mouse I've ever chased. I'll stick to WI. mice.  Bottom left:  Josh and Justin make a few remarks about some of the fashion statements being made here today. Bottom right: Such as Aysha's new head gear. 



Top left:  ... and Nevaeh's layered look.  Check out Rob on the Bottom right:  He surely is a, a .... I don't know what to say! Top right: Robb helped Nevaeh with the new Cars puzzle they bought for the kids. Bottom left: Yes indeed Rob has a foosball table in his house and there were a number of fun games played by the family.



Kathy has a special heart for the kids. Some how when I see her with them, they don't look quite as frightening. Something tells me, she's not going to want to leave FL. 



Top left: Aysha needs a little help at first with a new pair of shoes but soon got the hang of it. Top right: Jeff and Kathy take a well deserved break from all the activities from this busy week in sunny Florida. Bottom left: Humans are very different, I don't get this Wii stuff. For one thing there's no mouser games. But they seem to think it's fun. Bottom right: One thing is for sure, they love having their pictures taken. They all look very happy.



Jan./ Feb. 09  Our humans spent a lot of time with the kids. Sometimes they drove to their house and other times they brought them to our trailer. Mikey and I spent many hours hiding from the little darlings. Left: Nevaeh likes the carrot juice her grandma makes. Right: Eydon loves to play fishing. I wish he'd leave my toys alone. 

Left: Aysha seemed unsure of what to do without her sister and brother here. We found out that she doesn't scare us like the older two do. She was actually pretty calm and didn't chase us. Right: Will they follow in their grandparents foot steps? They may have to wait till they grow into the helmets.

After 2 weeks we moved our trailer to Merry D Campground in Poinciana. Our humans said we will stay here for a month so we can be closer to the kids. You can imagine how excited Mikey and I were to hear that.

We liked the site we had. The sun shined in through the back window most of the day. It was great to lay in the warm sunlight on my comfy recliner watching the day go by.

Being closer to the kids' house wasn't as bad as Mikey and I had imagined. They did stay overnight but played outside a lot and their grandparents treated them to special nights out. Many times our humans visited over at their house, then we had the trailer to ourselves. The first one to visit for a couple days was Nevaeh, the 4 year old. She has a wide array of interests. Left: She really likes getting dirty. Top right: Best of all she likes helping in the kitchen. Bottom right: She also enjoys coloring and doing homework. She has been preparing for kindergarten.

On her special night out she got to go on rides.

We heard that Eydon was suppose to visit next but he got in trouble then lost his turn so his sister, Aysha took his place. She doesn't have as many interests but... Top left: She liked going for rides in the truck. Bottom left: Hangin' around with grandpa and squeezing her 'babies'. Left: She loved ridin' her 'horsey' --- even if it was Pooh Bear.

Eydon finally was able to visit a couple days later. I'm sure it was worth the wait. Left: He picked out this nifty police car from the store in Cracker Barrel. Top right: He and grandma are chowin down. Bottom right: Back at the camper it's all about bonding...even for Mikey and George.

Jamie invited our humans over often for dinner. Here was a night that Mikey and I might have considered coming too... yummy fish!


A couple of days before Robb's birthday our humans took Nevaeh with them to Downtown Disney. Top left: you can see she was very excited to go. There were so many things to see and do like, bottom right: have your picture taken with a beautiful princess, top right:  eat chicken nuggets at Mc Donald's bottom left: look at this huge ice cream at Ghirardelli's, Yum!

Robb's 57th birthday (1/19) was spent at Disney's Animal Kingdom with Kathy, Jamie and the 3 kids. Robb got in free because it was his birthday. Kathy got in free because they cashed in their Disney Rewards points. Jamie and the kids had their annual family pass so they were free. Even the parking was free! Robb was proud of himself for workin' the system and making a great day of it...what a nice birthday gift to himself! Check out all the photos.

I wonder if these birds realize those are gators, not logs floating in the water.

I will never understand humans. Here they take these pictures of strange animals when they have Tasha and me, the 2 cutest animals you could ever hope to photograph.

Top left and right: The little darlings are famous for making NOISE! I'm so glad they beat those drums. Now maybe we'll get some peace and quiet...a cat can only hope. Bottom left: Nevaeh was the only brave one to have her picture taken with the bear, shhhh don't tell her but it's not real and neither is that overstuffed Lion King! I sure don't see what the fuss is all about, Lion... NOT! mew, I mean MEW! 

After a fun filled day they take one last photo before leaving the park. The kids look a little wired... oh no, I'm hiding!


Mikey and I just cannot compete with these 3 little ones. They have our humans wrapped around their little pinkies.  See all the pictures they take of them, waking and sleeping!

When the time came for us to say goodbye to Poinciana Rob (jr) blocked the front door, the kids sat on the blockade and told the grandparents that they couldn't leave. It was funny but sad for them, goodbyes are never easy.  Next month the little darlings will be visiting us in Naples while their parents make the move to Montverde. Mikey and I offered to help them move for that week... "no thanks", we were told.


March '09  It is March 1st and time to head to Naples where we'll stay for a month. Our humans say Naples is a great place to visit. They told us it is sunny and very warm. That sounds real good to us cool cats! Lake San Marino is a nice resort with lots of quiet elderly humans. The sign states that it is a luxury RV Resort... it's sounding better all the time! 

Tasha and I are going to take advantage of all this sunshine right away.

It only took 2 days before our humans were on their bike scouting out resturants. They stopped for an early dinner and took full advantage of the warm sunshine by eating on the outside patio which was alongside a canal. See Robb smile? He's a happy guy.

Back at the resort there is always something to do. As you can see Robb finds work to do outside and many times is ready to help other campers with their truck or coach problems. The streets of Lake San Marino are great for walks, as our humans would attest to. But then after a full day .. it's time to sit back, kick your feet up and just ahhhh ... rest. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

I bet you can tell I like my rest, but I do like to do other things too.  I was walking one day and saw this sign. It made me laugh... in a feline kind-a-way. It was true! These grandparents are playing all the time. They swim and do pool aerobics or sometimes just read while they lay in the sun. ( I can relate to that.) The shuffleboard courts are always busy with leagues. And of course there are those who get their thrills from a drive in a sports car, convertible no less.

After a full morning and afternoon of playing, these elderly humans retreat to their homes for a breather before they commence with the evening activities. I can barely keep up. I might have to join them in a late afternoon cat nap. Move over Robb, make room me! Purr.


While Mikey and Robb are napping I'll tell you about some other fun activities here at Lake San Marino. You know, our humans like to think they can sing. They somehow convince others that they can too. Well, they did manage to participate in the church music on Sunday morning and don't forget there's always yummy food and fellowship afterward.

Every Sunday afternoon there is a popcorn social hosted by Jim and Laura Wright at their campsite. Everyone is invited to come, well nearly everybody... Mikey and I were not. But that's OK, we're not crazy about popcorn anyway... well maybe... just a little... with hot butter and lightly salted. OH! Ahem. It seems that Jim has a special recipe. You can eat till your heart's content then as if that's not enough they pass around candy too.

Now I want to show you a couple pictures of some strange animals that live here. There are dogs and cats and lots of regular old birds but take a look at these! Kathy said that lizard looking thing is an iguana. I thought newts were ugly, gees this guy is scary looking. Then in stark contrast, are these graceful, ever lovely, white swans who share the lake with some ordinary old ducks. Aren't they just sooo pretty!


Robb and Kathy are right, Naples is a good place to visit. Tasha and I especially like the quietness of this Resort (yawn). Ahh yes, peace and quiet, what a great combination! I hear our humans in conversation as I doze off (yawn). I think they are making plans for some activities like going to a park and renting a pontoon. Gee, I wonder when we are doing that. Oh, well (yawn) I'm kind of ti- ti- tired! Wait a minute, what did they just say?! The scary ones are coming?! No! I must have heard wrong or maybe I'm dreaming. Am I awake? Tasha, did you hear them?  Tasha! ...

Well, it was true! After 2 weeks of peace and quiet, the scary ones arrived. Rob and Jamie are moving the family from Poinciana to Montverde. Our humans are helping by watching the kids. Jamie and friend, Kelly say bye to the little ones... Jamie looks way too happy!

Aysha is glad she is coming to visit grandma and grandpa.

Eydon seems to be deep in thought. I'll bet he's thinking of ways to scare two innocent cats. 

Oh sure and here's the ring leader! "Let me at those cats!"

You know I don't want to admit it, BUT these kids are cute in a human kind-a-way. They have been playing outside and keeping busy inside with other things besides me and Tasha... so far, so good!

The plans I overheard being made for the park and renting a pontoon were not for Tasha and me but for the children. It's probably a good thing anyway, Tasha most likely would have made terribly loud, screamy, crying noises on the pontoon. She's such a ... well let's just say she doesn't always travel well!

Do you think these 3 are a handful? Their faces say it all!

Did I happen to mention that we have a favorite time that we like to share with the three little tykes? We actually love it when they take a looooong nap. We also get to do the same.

All good things come to an end. The little darlings left us. We have to say truthfully that we did not have such a horrible time while they were here. Our humans seem a bit sad... or maybe they are just exhausted, it's hard to tell. Bye kids! Our humans drove the tykes to Wauchula to meet Jordan and Heather for lunch at Taco Bell and the two of them took the kids to their new home in Montverde.


April '09  Our time in Naples ended all too soon. We will return to Peace River in Wauchula for a week. It is slower this time of year. Many snowbirds have already left  warm, sunny Florida to return to their homes up north. Most of the activities have ended for the season but the walking paths are open so Robb and Kathy enjoyed a spring walk, noticing all the new growth on the trees and bushes. There was one activity that was on Wed. Apr.1st. Robb and Kathy sang in the Meeting House to a small but appreciative audience.

One of those in the audience was Cindy. She and her husband, Bobby befriended our two humans last year at The Bee's when they were all there. They have since bought a house in Lake Wales. Here is a picture of Cindy and Kathy outside their house.

The next group of pictures was taken in Sebring, Fl. where a CMA training session was going on. Our two dear humans attended on Fri. night and again on Sat.

Robb and Kathy went to choir practice and met up with Carole Muckle, who they met last year. Carole use to sing with The Sweet Adelines. She will be in charge of music this week for the church service. This Sunday is Palm Sunday and besides the choir, there will be special music by our two loving humans and Carole. Here is Carole with her husband Tom. They are from New York state.

This year Ed Jenkins was called to be pastor of the resort's church. He arranged a lively service for Palm Sunday. After church, he invited Robb and Kathy, Tom and Carole to the evening service at the nearby Baptist Church. What a surprise it was when they walked in and found out that Ed had just arranged with the pastors to have Robb, Kathy and Carole sing a song during the service! It went very well. They were told to come sing again next year when they return to Wauchula. Kathy says that God always has something exciting planned for them.


Time to pack up. As you can see I'm set, my bag is ready. Our week at Peace River is done, we're off again. We are leaving Wauchula and headed once more to The Bee's RV Resort in Clermont.


We were informed that the kids' new house is only 7 miles from the Bee's. Oh, joy .  Actually, that turned out okay. Our humans spent a lot more time there and the kids spent less time here in the trailer... cool !  Here's a good shot of the Blanchette boys bonding around the table.

It was Aysha's 2nd birthday. Jamie had made dinner and a cake. Everyone enjoyed the meal but the little ones really liked the cake. It looks as though they wore as much as they ate.

Gift opening is always fun. Kids get the neatest things to play with. Look at their faces. Auntie Kathy sent this big box. Wow, bubbles! And a great noise maker! Mom and dad will love that.


Hey Mikey I like their new house on the lake. Let's show some pictures. Kathy has been spending lots of time with Jamie cleaning, painting, decorating. I wish she'd come home soon. It's way past our 'treat time'.

I heard the whole family is enjoying life on the lake, making new memories. From these next pictures you can see that one thing remains the same no matter where they live... those kids love to eat. Jordan helps out, making good lunches. He is grandma approved, feeding them lots of fruits and veggies. Mikey did you notice that Nevaeh got her hair cut? Kathy loves to buy books for the kids. It is a happy time for "Nama", she gets to cuddle all three of them and do one of her favorite!

Rob has let his hair get pretty long. Kathy has 'mentioned' more than once how she wishes he would get a haircut. By the look on his face I'd say he wishes she would not 'mention' it anymore. But I think Jamie felt bad for her so Jamie got a haircut! I've heard Kathy say, "Oh Jamie! You look beautiful, so professional..." Hey Mikey do you know what that means when Rob covers his ears and says "blah, blah, blah"?