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November 21st we finally rolled into Florida.  Our first stop was at Southern Palms in the town of Eustis.  Our Humans really liked this park, and the surrounding area.



November 22nd was Thanksgiving Day.  Our humans spent the day with Bob & Donna Bergmann and Hank & Betty Kowalski at the Kowalski’s home in Wauchula, Florida.  Robb & Kathy are both very grateful for the Kowalski’s hospitality.  Robb said the food was awesome (but we knew that from eating some of the leftovers they brought home) and the Packers won—how could it get any better?




After Thanksgiving it was time to put up the RV tree.  Later on we added colored lights to the outside, and Tasha helped Kathy put up Christmas garland and decorations around the cabinets in the galley.  80 degrees at Christmas time takes some getting use to—but not much.



On Sunday Robb and Kathy found a church they really liked.  They plan to go back there next time they are in the area.



Many parks have rules against washing vehicles.  Southern Palms does not.  So…  Robb and Kathy spent some time every day cleaning.  They washed the entire RV.  Robb even waxed the front cap of the RV.  They spent just as much time cleaning the truck. 


When we finally left Eustis, the whole rig sparkled like new.


Our next stop in our circle tour of Florida was a place called Three Flags in Wildwood. 



The park had big RV spaces and the view out of the back window was great.  This 80 degrees and sunny stuff is starting to get a little boring—NOT!!



The humans didn’t go out much this week.  Maybe they were tired from all of the cleaning they did last week.  Their greatest adventure was a trip to the local library.  Robb bought a bunch of used books—cheap!  Anyway… the main activity this week was resting.





December 5th we pulled into Sun RV Resort in Apopka.  Tasha and I found the park really interesting.  We were parked right across from a basketball court.  A lot of kids from the neighborhood played ball every night and we really liked watching them.  Robb and Kathy got pretty annoyed by some of  the profanity that the kids used.

The park is an older park, but it is still pretty well maintained.



There was supposed to be a launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis this week, so the humans went to Titusville, right across the Indian River from the launch pad.



When they got there, our humans found out the launch had been postponed, but they stayed for a while and had their lunch.



After lunch, they decided to go to Cocoa Beach and spend a little time by the ocean.



Robb & Kathy and Bob & Donna liked Cocoa Beach so much they went back again a couple of days later.



A “Red Tide” outbreak was making its presence known again.   Red tide causes upper respiratory problems in humans.  It makes them cough a lot and gives them a real scratchy throat.  The red tide was bothering them so much that Robb and Kathy left the beach and went shopping.  Robb found a brand of shirt called “Old Guys Rule.”  He bought some of their shirts and a couple of their hats. One of his hats says, “ The older I get … the better I was.”



During the Christmas season RVers like to decorate their homes just like people who live in “fixed” dwellings.  Here are some pics of decorations around the park in Apopka.



Although the weather has been warm, every once in a while the furnace kicks in during the overnight hours.  Here’s a picture of Robb taking a propane tank to be filled.







Our next stop was called "The Bees."  It is in Clermont, Florida.

Kathy said that it wasn't one of the bigger parks that they stayed in, but it had a real nice nature walk, and a really nice staff.  Parking was pretty tight at the Bees.  Robb couldn't get the rig into the first spot they gave us, so we had them put us somewhere else.  Tasha and I liked the spot.  When the wind was just right, you could smell the "all-you-can-eat" fish fry on Friday nights coming from the Honey Pot Cafe.

Some folks ran into trouble parking their rigs if they weren't real careful.

The wi-fi at the park was real expensive, so the humans went to the local visitors center just down the highway.  They went for free wi-fi, but were treated to a nice spread of fruits, raw veggies, sandwiches, and other finger foods.  Sometimes our humans can really embarrass us.  Whenever they get something for free, they make pigs of themselves.

Just like the last park, this park had lots of Christmas decorations put up by campers.  Here are just a couple.

Kathy and Robb found a church in Clermont that they liked.  It's called Real Life Christian Church.  They had a contemporary worship service, and a good message.  Robb liked the message so much, he has downloaded a bunch of their sermons that they had on line.

OK, Mikey.  Enough about the humans.  We had a lot of time to relax, lay around, and take power naps.  It's especially nice when both humans don't hog the bed at the same time.

Mikey went a little nuts at the Bee's.  I don't know why, but he became really attracted to Bob's foot.

One day Robb put a treat inside of a small cardboard box.  Mikey made quite a fool of himself, but we all had a good laugh.  Don't worry Mikey, we're laughing at you--not with you!

The wild life here in Florida is pretty interesting.  These birds walk all around the park here like they own the place.

At home we want to go outside and chase birds.  In Florida, we're happy to be inside where they can't get us!