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Before going out on the road, Tasha and I decided that we should send our humans on a “test voyage.”  They chose to go to Whippoorwill Resort, near Park Rapids in northwestern Minnesota. 

Robb and Kathy brought along two of their grandchildren, Nevaeh and Eydon.  Nevaeh is pretty talented.  She showed Robb how to set up the RV. 

Then she showed Kathy how to clean the floor grates. 

And she still found time to go fishing.

Their grandson, Eydon, spends most of his time entertaining people by making funny faces and funny noises.

And taking naps with his pretty Aunt Kathy.

Arriving at the resort with Eydon’s Aunt Kathy were the Behnke Boys.  Here is a picture (from left to right) of Jeff, Eydon (an honorary Behnke Boy), Justin, Josh, and Jerry. 

The second week of the trip, Eydon and Nevaeh’s mom and dad showed up with their little sister Aysha.  Here is a picture of Jamie holding Aysha.

Robb, and Jeff, and Rob caught lots of these fish they called bass.  I hear they had a fish fry every other day for two weeks!! Tasha and I really want to go next year, but Robb said they had a “no pet” policy at the resort.  Rumor has it that since one of the owners named Marti got a dog, she is thinking about allowing the campers to bring pets next year.  All those fish—I can’t wait!!!

Everyone had a great time!  

Tasha and I had to stay home with Granny Pearl and a bossy dog named Vera! 


Granny was nice, but I was never very fond of dogs.