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May 09  Our stay in Florida has ended. It is time to say goodbye to the Blanchette Family in Montverde. Robb and Kathy have what they call 'mixed emotions' about it. I don't understand that but Kathy says they don't want to leave their FL. family but they are excited to see their WI. family. Robb said it's a sad and happy time. Once we got on the road, wow we burned up the highway. By May 1st we were back on our land in Elroy. Gee, where's all the greenery?

It wasn't long before our 'home' was set up and we were relaxing on our favorite recliners! You know what I  say..."Now that's what I'm talkin' about". zzzzzzzzz


Mikey and I had a good welcome home nap. Now let me show you the pictures from this years' Run For The Son ride. It was the 1st Sat. in May. Our humans raised money for this ride when they performed in Texas and Florida. It benefits the home and foreign missions of CMA. Although the day was sunny it was a little chilly, but not too cold for these hearty Wisconsin riders!

Even though there was not much spring growth on the trees I was told it was a very scenic ride.


I failed to mentioned that our humans spend too much time on my computer. Sometimes I have a hard time doing our website, they're on the internet a lot. Mind you I enjoy the break occasionally, it gives me more nap time, snack time and chasing Tasha time! One day while we were still in FL. my man human, Robb was surfing and had nothing better to do than to buy a truck camper in WI. Why? Oh, I'm not sure... maybe 'cause he could. He's like that at times. Here it is.

Mikey! You make Robb sound so impulsive. He has a perfectly good reason for buying that. When I find out what it is, I'll let you know!  Ha-Ha, oh I am the funny feline. I can't help myself... ha-ha-ha... oh my... ha-ha-ha-ha......

While Tasha finishes amusing herself, I'll get on with business. It turns out Robb and Kathy bought the camper to go out west with this summer and one day will use it to take a trip to Alaska. They prefer to leave the 5th wheel parked on our land and not get abused on rough roads. Yes, this sounds like a perfectly good reason Tasha!

OK! Whew, that was fun. Seriously now. There are neat things I like about living here. We have seen deer, raccoons, turkey, muskrat, and all kinds of birds and insects. It is all very interesting.

Last year Kathy took sunset pictures and I posted them on our site. You can see them when you click on "Summer 2008 in Wisconsin" and scroll to the July 2008 section. The other night she liked the way the moon glowed and wants me to post it so here it is.


 We are getting together tonight at Jeff and Kathy's. It is their 5th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!


There seems to always be something to celebrate. Here they are celebrating Jeff's 41st birthday. Oooo grilled chicken, potatoes, asparagus, salad and don't forget the cake.

Jeff's not interested in smiling for pictures. He's ready to dig into that cake!

June 09   It may be June but it feels like March. It is cold and rainy for the Elroy bike meet.

I told you it was cold and rainy but the smiles were not dampened for Jim and Kay whose bike got special treatment.

Bjorn is in charge of the rally. He's a good guy. He's had a bit of misfortune, this is the second year of rain during the rally. Nearly everyone who showed up at the rally were CMA'ers. The nasty weather kept most people away. CMA is always ready with a church service and whatever works for a pulpit will be used! At the end of the service CMA surrounds Bjorn in prayer. Now they all must ride home, brrrrrrrrrrr.

No sooner was the Elroy Bike Meet over when we were off to the WI.CMA State Rally. Remember that truck camper we told you about? Tasha and I got to do some camping in it with our humans at this rally in Tomah. This seems kind of silly now, but at first we were afraid to come out of our carrier. The new camper was strange and we didn't smell anything that we knew in there. Eventually we came out to eat and use the litter box. Pretty soon we were making ourselves at home on the couch and our human's bed which is a lot nicer than ours!

We are a little concerned about going to this rally considering last year we were threatened with storms and tornadoes but we packed up our cat food, treats and litter box and hit the road anyway. Thankfully, the weather was excellent and all the activities proceeded without any problems. We saw many of the same nice people we met last year, and we made some new friends too.

Rallies don't just happen. Many volunteers are needed before and after for set-up and tear-down. There is always a registration table to get your arm band and info. packet. The services are a combination of serious worship and fun. Weather permitting there are always good, clean bike games for the whole family to enjoy. This year we had a huge bonfire that lit up the grounds on Sat. night.  

The Son Light Riders is the CMA chapter that our humans are a part of. This winter the chapter suffered a great loss. Ken Baldwin past away. His wife Vicki is still very involved in CMA. This year's State Rally was dedicated to Ken. Vicki received a plaque in honor of Ken's service in CMA by the National Evangelist for the North Central Region, Roger Wilson.


June '09  It's the middle of June. The weather may not know it's summer but the calendar is getting closer to saying so. And anyway, it's gotta be summer 'cause we're on our way to Whippoorwill Resort in Park Rapids. Last year was Tasha's and my first year there and we're ready for more this year.

We only get to stay for 5 days so we have to make the most of our time  A little grillin', eatin', sleepin' and fishin'. Sounds like summer to me!


Al and Marti are the resort owners. They have become good friends with Robb and Kathy. They also have a dog named Lucy. She 's OK, for a dog that is. Notice, the picture with Robb on my computer. I told you, my humans hog it all the time. They wonder why we get behind on our Cat Tales!

Not only is the fishing and eatin' good but the area is a great place to take a walk. Tasha and I were careful on our treks outside the camper. Kathy had us take the camera while she stayed behind and acted like she was on vacation or something. We believe we got some good country shots.

Al and Marti made a few changes around the resort too. We took pictures so the rest of our family, who are normally up here with us can see what's new. The kids seem to like the slide and raft that Al added to the beach area. I have to apologize to all the guys... Tasha insisted on showing the new flowers that Marti had in the garden. The turtle was new to the resort and decided to lay her eggs in the middle of the yard, in front of all of us!

Our stay at Whippoorwill would not be complete without a picture at the sign. The first few attempts didn't work out quite right. It's so hard to get these humans to be serious, then Kathy fell trying to lift Tasha. I'm not saying a word about a certain female feline needing to lose some weight or anything...

...look at this. Finally! It's a wrap!


Well, dear Mikey be careful what you say about fuzzy, female felines and their weight... I might have to mention how a certain timid tom cat hid in the bathroom because he was afraid. 

When we left Whippoorwill we drove east to Tamarack, MN to visit Vic and Cheryl Anderson, who we met while in Texas. They told us to stop in and visit whenever we came to Minnesota... so we are. On the way, we ate lunch at an adorable cafe with home cookin'. From the time we arrived at the Anderson's farm they treated us like royalty! Wow, they kept feeding and serving us. What a great couple! On Sunday, our humans sang at their church and took pictures for the CD they are making. They liked the look of the church and said it was perfect for the CD cover. Our visit was a short one but what a full couple of days it was... Thanks Vic and Cheryl. Come visit us if you ever come to WI.

From Tamarack we headed further northeast past Duluth to a small town called Two Harbors, MN. Long-time friend, Roger Anderson (no relation to Vic and Cheryl) lives here and we set up camp in his driveway for a few days to catch up on things and see some sites. Roger always has a full itinerary planned. I needed to get plenty of rest before we hit the road to Duluth for a busy day.

We took a tour of a WW2 plane called The Fortress. It is a B-17. It was very cramped for being such a huge plane. Mikey and I wondered how we would have ever managed... we saw no place for a litter box anywhere...much less a place to store all of our yummy treats.

We took a lunch break then drove over to watch some enormous ships pull into the harbor. That was all very neat, but we were not yet done. Roger took all of us to a baseball game. The home team was called the Duluth Huskies. Talk about exciting. Mikey and I had all we could do to contain ourselves! Do you know that they bring treats right to you while you're watching the game? WOW!

The night before we left, our humans played some music at Roger's church for a special meeting. When they were done we walked across the street where the city band was performing a concert in the park. Another enjoyable time...there was free ice cream!


July '09  Hey Tasha, did you hear what's happening in July? We are going back to the Kitty Spa! For 6 weeks! Can you believe it? Wow,all that space to run around, the food, treats and don't forget the free wildlife shows at the patio doors. We get a break from Cat Tales while our humans travel out West in their new camper to see the wonders of Utah, Arizona and Colorado. Mikey the Spa sounds great...but I know we will miss them... 6 weeks. We've never been apart that long. Bye Robb and Kathy, have fun and don't forget to call... Hi Cat Tales readers, This is Kathy. I'll be your travel guide for the next 6 weeks. We have dropped the cats off at the Spa and will head out West but first we are going to East Troy for the 4th celebration at George and Carol's. We all had a good time. The weather co-operated, food was delicious and the

fireworks were enjoyable.




July 7th arrived, the day of our departure. The first 3 days were long drives and one night stops in Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming.

Truckers and RVer's are all familiar with Flying J Travel Plaza's. We stop many times for fuel and a meal. There's always a buffet. But this time we actually stayed overnight in the lot. We thought it was a good way to save money for a night. Well, we did save money but didn't get much sleep with all the noise. I don't know if we'll ever need to save money that way again. Lesson learned, Flying J's a nice place to visit but you don't want to sleep there.

We expected to see many neat sites this trip but did not realize it was going to be from the front seat of our truck while we drove on the Interstate. Wyoming had some beautiful places. Here are just a couple mountain scenes along I-80. The wind turbines are common out here. It is very windy and there are loooong, tall ridges that are perfect for them.

When we entered Utah there was a Rest Area in Echo that we pulled into. It was a beautiful setting with a path to a hill where I took this next picture. Pretty neat, huh?

Our 1st destination in Utah was Antelope Valley RV Park in Delta. We stayed a week for free because it's our home park through our Coast to Coast membership! Delta is very rural, not much around, but I took plenty of pictures anyway. Want to see some? We got a site up against a huge field. It had a nice mountain view and we were visited by a flock of geese a couple times.

The weather in Delta is hot and dry. The farms and ranches in the area varied. Few were grassy most others were very desert like. Some horses and cows lived in dusty, dirty conditions. I felt bad for them. You'll see why in the photos.

There was a beautiful City Park we spent an afternoon relaxing in. There were many trees, gorgeous gardens, a stream and playground. We had a nice time sitting, watching as kids played, families admired the stream and others walked through the gardens.


Monday rolled around, time to hit the highway on the bike. We found Nebo Loop National Scenic Loop. We had to travel 50 miles northeast to get to it, but it was worth it. Most bikers like to drive twisty mountain roads. This is a good one. It is 32 miles of curving, scenic road through the Uinta National Forest and the Wasatch Mountains. There were many spectacular views along the way including 11,928' Mt. Nebo- beautiful!

This is a picture I took of a spot called Devil's Kitchen which features red rock formations. They call it Mini Bryce Canyon. What a contrast!

The scenery was great. Now I'll show you some shots I took while we were riding. I snap most of the pictures from the back seat of the bike. We try to let the viewers see what we're seeing as we drive. So come on let's ride!

This ride was too beautiful. I have to show you some more. I hope I'm not boring you. I am so excited to see the pics all over again. It's almost like doing the ride a 2nd time. Woo- Hoo!

Do you see in Robb's mirror? I really do take the pics while moving. They turn out pretty good.

Our next big ride was not planned. We had riden down to a nearby town, Fillmore. When we stopped for gas, looking at the map for some place else to go we decided to drive another 55 miles south, to Hwy 153 and ride the Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway. It was a good choice, come see why.

We stopped at 10,000' to take in the beauty of a secluded mountain lake. We ate our lunch there and enjoyed the tranquility of this roadside oasis.

Robb admires the scenery while our trusty steed awaits our return. I have come to love the wild mountain flowers of Utah, as does this butterfly.

After our relaxing break it was time to go back down the Byway. The last place we stopped was here to take a picture of Beaver Creek.

While we enjoyed the shade by the creek we tried to snap a picture of ourselves. Well it's not the best but we're still smiling from the ride. Next to us are CMAer's Tam and Lynda Stone from the High Desert Disciples out of Bend, Oregon. We met them at a gas station on our way back to Delta. They had been on the road for some time returning from AZ. heading back to Oregon. We had a great visit. It's nice to talk with bikers during our travels but it's really special to come across other CMA riders! I love it... CMA is everywhere!

With our week in Delta finished, we are headed to Torrey for a 2 day stay at Sand Creek RV Park and Capitol Reef National Park.


We made site #8 our home for 2 days and this was the view outside our camper.

Since our stay is short we thought we'd better go for a ride. There was a neat road that we read about, Fish Lake Scenic Byway. We had to head 18 miles N.W. to start the loop. We left in sunshine but saw signs of rain the further west we drove but we didn't turn around, we have rain suits. In this picture you see not only the storm clouds but the land being irrigated. There is a lot of that in Utah. The climate is hot, low humidity, little rain. Sounds like desert to me, Yup!

We drove through many turns, up and down hills, in the sunshine one minute, next turn toward the clouds. We wondered if we'd hit the rain or miss it. Most of the way we missed it. The sky looked incredibly threatening at times then cheerfully bright the next. With how hot it was we wouldn't mind a little rain to cool off. The scenery was well worth the drive.

Fish Lake was BIG. There were boaters, jet skiers. Many people were racing to get docked though... it looked like the storm would hit. We stopped, I put on my rain suit, Robb chose not to wear the rain pants and did get pretty wet. The rain fell heavy but it didn't last long. By the time we were back to camp the warm air had dried his pants. This loop was interesting. There were many different recreational opportunities. Some people were camping, others were boating, 4-wheeling, motorcycling, bicycling, hiking. The Utah National Parks signs read "Land of many uses". We found this to be true.

Since we were in the middle of this storm I thought I'd make good use of my time and take a few neat pics of the sky. I thought these looked cool.


We will spend most of day 2 on the road exploring Capitol Reef which has nearly 250,000 acres of mountains, cliffs, and numerous canyons made of sandstone, limestone and shale. Congress designated this area a National Park in 1971.


Robb and I see overwhelming evidence of the global flood written about in Genesis 6 & 7. We also noticed as in the photo on the bottom left that many rocks point toward the heavens as if to testify about the One Who is responsible for their existence, unlike many people. Robb recalled Jesus saying, (Luke 19:40) if the people would be silent, that the very stones would cry out (to acknowledge Him). Men have believed theories of evolution in place of the Truth of God’s Word, so these rocks are crying out to everyone who sees them!



Here are some neat looking mountains and rocks we drove past. I can’t help but notice (bottom left) another rock ‘crying out’.



If you look closely, you’ll see me in the rock opening.



After taking the picture above Robb hiked to me and sat down in some shade to cool off. Boy it was HOT out there in the desert.



Before returning to the camper to rest we stopped to see some petroglyphs. There was a boardwalk along the mountainside where you could walk and view the ancient writings. There was a mule deer feeding along the walkway. He looked up at us long enough to get a shot of him. Erosion takes its toll on these mountains. Huge portions of mountain have broken off and tumbled to the ground below. There is always that threat as you ride along the roads here. Signs are posted, ‘Falling Rocks’.



This is a familiar site on the sides of the roads.



We had a good rest and supper then hit the road once more. Destination; Capitol Gorge. We had no idea… it started off pretty tame.



Then… the pavement ended. To get to the Gorge you had to travel on a dirt road. Robb was going to turn the bike around when we decided to try, thinking it couldn’t be that much further. The road was the dried river bed, had there been rain, there’d be a river not a road! We drove 2 miles. At times it was down right scary to both of us but what we saw was incredible!



On the way out of the Gorge, I had to stop to take a shot of this very strange looking rock.