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New York 9/26-9/30

A month after returning from the Minnesota trip, we were finally ready to hit the road.  We left Wisconsin September 23rd, 2007.  Robb (that's my male human) drove for hours and hours--and that was just in Chicago!  I don't know what tolls are, but I sure know he doesn't like them.  After one night stops in Indiana and Ohio we made it to Syracuse, NY.  Tasha was annoying everyone with her whining and howling, but after a couple of days, she finally shut up.  That was a good thing, because not long after she started to behave, we started getting treats! 

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!


Hi, Tasha here.  I think we've heard enough from Mikey for a while.  Last night he was up prowling again--Disgusting!! 

Here's a shot of me sitting on the couch.  It's one of my favorite places to look out the window.  Before we became world travelers, I loved sitting on a chair and looking out the window.  I still do, but now every few days or so the view changes.  How cool is that?

This was taken at our campground in the finger lakes region of New York.

Sometimes my humans insist on sharing the furniture with us.

(I wish he'd stop rocking the chair.)

Kathy and Robb went to the Apple Harvest Festival in Ithaca.  Here's Robb stuffing his face with a cherry pie.  Duh!!  It's an APPLE festival.  (And they wonder why I won't go anywhere with them.)

We stayed not too far from the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.

Kathy got a surprise from her daughter for her birthday.  A UPS truck showed up at the campground with birthday greetings that contained a plant, a card, and a teddy bear.  She was very, very pleased.  I was happy for her, too.

Of course, she got lots of other cards, as well.

Vermont 9/30-10/4

The next part of our journey seemed to be all uphill.  After New York, we went to Vermont, and stayed at a really nice campground called Bald Mountain.  Tasha and I wanted to stay there longer, but our owners are cheap and they could only get a discount for one night.  Here are a few pics from that campground.

My human, Kathy, said the campground made her feel like a kid again.

While I was checking out all the great views, my sister, Tasha, spent a lot of her time playing with a fake mouse.  (I haven't touched that thing since the catnip smell went out of it two years ago.)

Next was a trip to Stowe, Vermont.  Kathy let us out of the pet carrier today.  It made us both purr to be able to get out, stretch our legs, and see the sights as we drove down the highway.  Here are a couple of pics taken along the way.

I hear Robb say that driving on these kinds of roads in a pickup truck give him PMS.  (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)

After an unsuccessful attempt at getting into a way-too-small campsite at Smuggler's Notch State Park, we went to the Gold Brook Campground in Stowe. 


Here is the view from our rig.

Kathy and Robb went out to look for covered bridges.  They found quite a few.

One of the covered bridges had windows. 

We saw a lot of signs like this one. 

Robb said there are a lot more signs than there are moose. 

Mikey and I were really disappointed that we didn't get to see one so Kathy showed us one on TV.


Kathy and Robb went out another day, but this time they did some hiking. 

Kathy said she really likes to go to waterfalls.

It seems like a lot of work to me.  I'm content to sit here and look out the windows.

This last picture is from Smugglers Notch. 

Those are some pretty big rocks they built a road around!

New Hampshire 10/4-10/7

When we left Vermont, we drove to Holderness, New Hampshire.  Tasha was a little cranky again, but Kathy let us out of the pet carrier anyway—she even gave us TREATS!  Here’s a picture of some of the scenery we saw driving through New Hampshire.  As hard as we tried, we just couldn’t find any moose!

We stayed at Bethel Woods Campground.  It was a pretty nice place, but our humans had a hard time parking the rig.  There were a lot of trees and a deck in the way.  Once we were set up, it was a pretty awesome campsite. 


Tasha and I spent a lot of time looking out the windows hoping to see a moose or a bear,

but we had to be satisfied with watching these really big striped mice.



One day, our humans went to a place called Franconia Notch State Park, and hiked around Echo Lake.


On the way home from Franconia Notch, they stopped at one of the many roadside farm stands.

Besides getting vegetables, a plant, and a couple of pumpkins, they got some firewood.

This is the first time we had a campfire since we've been gone.

I think Kathy likes taking Robb’s picture when he isn’t ready.

Maine 10/7-10/10

After New Hampshire, we took a short drive to Lebanon, Maine.  I was on my best behavior and got to sit on Kathy’s lap for much of the way.  Tasha sulked in the pet carrier, making noises whenever it got a little bumpy.


Here are a couple of pictures of the view out our windows at Natural High Resort.

Tasha had fun watching the birds in the park, but I’d rather chase them.



Not a whole lot of excitement here.  We took our fair share of cat naps.


Our Humans did venture out one day.  They went to a seacoast town named York Beach. 

They walked on the beach,

and stopped at a lighthouse.


Connecticut 10/10-10/14

I heard Kathy tell Robb she was excited to leave Maine, because we would see Bob and Donna.

Mikey and I were not sure where Bob and Donna was, but found out later that Bob and Donna was a who  not a where.  When we arrived at State Line Camping Resort in East Killingly, Ct. we parked the trailer right next to Bob and Donna… two more humans!

Mikey and I hid as soon as they tried to come in our home, but we got over that really quick as soon as the human, Donna, gave us treats!  

Mikey and I have a lot more free time now because the four humans are always together hiking, visiting historic sites and eating out. I thought you might like to see some of the places they went to in Connecticut. 

Connecticut sponsored something called “Walking Weekends” when we were there. Here is one at an orchard where they were led through acres of different fruit trees and vegetable gardens learning how they grow all that food. There were lots of free samples…yum! 


Pictured from left to right; Robb, Kathy, Donna, & Bob.


Bob and Donna also have a Website where they talk about their travels.

 The morning started out chilly. The humans needed jackets—they’re such softies.

Later they said it was so they could load their pockets up with as much free fruit as they could take. 

I don’t believe it for a second--- SOFTIES!



The farm stand was very busy.

All the fruits and veggies that they grow in the orchard and in their gardens are sold there at their roadside stand.




Kathy told us this picture says…COUNTRY!  I’ll take her word for it.



The hike in the orchard made them hungry, so the next stop was at a roadside drive-in called Pete’s for a quick lunch (except for the really loooong wait!)



Then off to another hike to admire the area’s trees and learn why the leaves change colors. Kathy said she learned all about this stuff last year in Mrs. Zeman’s science class with the 3rd graders. J 

One new bit of information was that the leaves are not as vibrant in New England right now because the weather is unusually warm and there has been a drought. The trees conserve energy by not changing colors when they are in distress from drought conditions. Very Interesting!




The scenery was great. Some of the walking was challenging, through steep, hilly forests with narrow, rocky paths. This hike was very popular. There were many who attended. Some people on the walk brought dogs with them. Mikey and I said, “That sounds too much like WORK. Thank you, but we’ll stay home.” Anyway… who wants to go hiking with dogs? UGH!



Walking around a lake was refreshing.




The guide explained to everyone the difference between a swamp and a marsh.

This body of water is a marsh because it has soft vegetation growing compared to a swamp that has hard, woody plants and trees.

That evening at supper, Mikey had one of his hissy-fits when Kathy started eying up his salad.

After supper Bob and Donna came over to watch a movie. It was in preparation for sightseeing the next day.  The movie was called Mystic Pizza.  It was filmed in the late 80’s at Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut. Well, Mikey and I thought nothing was special about it (Duh!! It was before I was born!) but all the humans were anxious to go the very next day. They visited Mystic Seaport then ate at Mystic Pizza.Mystic Seaport is like stepping back in time. There are old ships to board. You would not be comfortable on ships like these in our modern world.  All of the living quarters seemed very tight.  There are people restoring old ships so they will continue to survive well into the future. There is also a whole old time seaport town built there with authentic houses, banks, coppersmiths, rope, hoop, and boat makers, general stores, taverns, etc. It was very interesting for all the humans. Mikey and I once again said…no thanks.  I’d rather cat-nap.




This is Mystic Seaport's current restoration project. The ship is big… the building is huge…  So I’m told.




One of the restored ships was open for a tour.



This is a look from the galley into the barracks where there was also a table for all the sailors to eat at. The table has wood all around the edge so plates, cups and utensils don’t slide off the table.  Those beds don’t look too much bigger than my cat box back in Wisconsin.


A big fascination with humans is something called a “lighthouse.”  This is one at Mystic Seaport.  I don’t get what all the commotion is about. I find my toy mouse is much more interesting and practical.

But hey, they like it…good for them, it keeps them busy. Look at their smiles!


Here they are outside of Mystic Pizza.


Connecticut was the most fun our humans had since Vermont. It was good for us too—They were gone a lot.


Pennsylvania 10/14-10/22

When we got to Milford, Pennsylvania our humans, and the other two humans we met in Connecticut went out sightseeing again.  Kathy said, "Isn't this a great house?"  Well, allright -- it's a mansion. This is Grey Towers. There were so many things for them to see there. The four of them could not resist the walking paths among the huge varieties of trees and gardens or the hiking trails in the forest behind this mansion. The weather was great for this activity.

Grey Towers is the ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot, first chief of the US Forest Service and twice Governor of Pennsylvania. To learn more, click on the link below.


The view goes on for miles.

It was also a nice place for a lunchbreak.  Mikey and I had kibbles and water.

Our humans are pretty predictable.  They like long walks, beaches, waterfalls, lighthouses, and historical stuff.  Whenever they hear about any of that stuff being near by they go looking for it.  After lunch they decided to look for waterfalls.  They found a lovely cascade first. The rocks were a bit slippery as Kathy found out when she walked away from this shot.  Robb said Kathy was pretty brave to walk out into the stream like that.  He didn't think she would go out there.

Next stop was Raymondskill Falls.  They found this gem completely by accident.  Here is the upper falls.

And this is the lower falls.

This is Silver Threads Waterfall. It was so tall that getting it all in the frame was impossible. Those two specks of color to the right are Bob and Donna.

Next was Dingmans Falls. There was a looooong boardwalk then maaaaaany stairs to climb to get to the top of this falls. At the top there were more trails and great photo opportunities.

While the humans were out playing in the woods,

we were hangin' around with a bunch of turkeys in the campground.

From Milford, we went to Quakertown.  Tasha checked on the map and it's about 30 miles north of Philadelphia.  This was a very nice campground.  The humans liked it because they had wi-fi right inside the trailer.  Also, on Sunday, there was a church service in the barn.  We liked it because there were lots of humans there for us to watch.

Our Humans spent a lot of time cleaning the RV, but they did manage to get out one day to sightsee.  They took the train to Philadelphia.

First stop was the Liberty Bell.  (The crack is on the other side.)

Robb kept talking about how Philadelphia had so many colonial period buildings mixed with modern ones.  Here is a picture of Independence Hall with a couple of newer buildings in the background.

Independence hall again.  The two dots by the door are Robb and Kathy.

More pics of Independence Hall.

Tomb of an unknown soldier.

The Betsy Ross House.

Guided tour carriage rides were available.

More colonial styled buildings.

Robb said, you can't go to Philly without getting a cheese steak.

I can't believe Kathy got a veggie wrap!