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Delaware 10/22-10/25

After leaving Quakertown, we had to drive through downtown Philadelphia in order to get to our next stop, Delaware.  It was a completely uneventful ride.  Kathy says that's the best kind.  Also, Robb has stopped complaining about the tolls, and Tasha doesn't whine very much anymore.  I guess they're finally starting to adjust to life on the road.

We arrived at Leisure Point campground and were pleasantly surprised.  Wow!!  What a nice place!  The grounds were very well kept up, and everything looked as good as the great weather we had. 

The campground is located on a river that leads out to the Ocean, and there is plenty of dock space available for the members.

I told you how our humans like to go for long walks.  They especially like it when they find a really nice ocean beach.

The four of them went to a place called Rehoboth Beach and walked for a couple of hours.

The Bergmann's have a metal flamingo they have named Rosie.  Rosie seems to go almost everywhere with them.

Mid 80 degree temperatures at the end of October and an ocean beach make for a lot of smiling faces.


Virginia 10/25-11/3

The trip from Delaware to Horntown, Virginia went faster than a mouse across a barn floor.  In this small peninsula of land, you have Delaware, a small portion of Maryland, and a small portion of Virginia.  Folks around here call the area "Delmarva."  They have had a drought in the area, and it ended right when we got there.  For three days we had steady rains.  On the fourth day, the weather changed, and our humans went to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.  This is the lighthouse on Chincoteague Island.

 There was also a beach on Chincoteague.

Here a few shots from the wildlife preserve on Assateague.

When we left Horntown, we headed to Virginia Beach across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.  With the approaches built on both sides, the Bridge-Tunnel is over 23 miles long.

There are two tunnel parts, each a little over a mile long.  The two tunnels provide shipping lanes to the mainland.

From 85 feet above the water to nearly 100 feet below the surface, this was an awesome ride!


After our purrfect ride over and under Chesapeake Bay, we arrived in Virginia Beach, and Indian Cove RV Resort.  This was an awesome place.  Besides wi-fi in our RV, and full hookups, there was a canal right behind our RV that leads to the ocean!

After watching the Packers on ESPN in the clubhouse, the humans were out exploring again.  The first day they went to Norfolk and visited the Battleship USS Wisconsin.  Here is a link if you would like to learn more.


The next day, the humans were off again.  They went to Colonial Williamsburg.  There were lots of people dressed up like they were from the 1700's.

This is Bruton Parish Episcopal Church.  This congregation has been around since 1633.  The present church was completed in 1715 and is still in operation today.

Here is a link if you would like to know more.

 Williamsburg had lots of buildings from colonial times.

 I don't know what they did to get this kind of treatment...

but it couldn't have been any worse than when WE  have to ride in the pet carrier.


Morning came, and our humans were off again... but not before Kathy changed our litter box and Robb gave us treats.  (I think they are starting to feel guilty for leaving us alone so much.)

Their next excursion was to the campus of The Christian Broadcasting Network to see a taping of the 700 club.  Here's a picture of Pat, Lee, and Terry, along with their producer, conferencing right after the show.

Musical guest for this day was Jason Upton.  A keyboard player who sings with a lot of heart.  He is from Minneapolis.  His guitar player, Bryan, (pictured on the right) is from Cedarburg.

Robb & Kathy were shown around the CBN studios by Margaret (left) and Glenda.  They told us that the ladies treated them like they were the only two there. 

After the show, Margaret introduced Robb & Kathy to Terry Meeuwsen and Lee Webb.  Terry is from Wisconsin, so she and Robb talked about the Packers.

You would think they would have something better to talk about than that!


We had planned on leaving Virginia Beach on Friday, but decided to stay another day after Mikey saw on the news that the outer banks and Chesapeake Bay areas were about to take a pounding from Hurricane Noel. 

The street here is just past the dunes in Virginia Beach.

Notice how the shoreline is starting to erode from the pounding of the waves.

On the right are buildings, but they are obscured by all the sand in the air.

It didn't rain, but it was real windy, and the trailer wiggled a lot.  It was pretty scary!  I had to sleep right next to Kathy's head all night.


North Carolina 11/3-11/8

When we left Virginia Beach, we headed towards the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The Outer Banks is a long strip of barrier islands.  Most of the ocean side is protected by sand dunes.  On the other side of the dunes pictured below, is the Atlantic Ocean.

We stopped along the highway during a traffic jam and Robb took a picture of the ocean.  Hurricane Noel had just passed by and was a few hundred miles off shore.  The sky was sunny, but the surf was waaaaay up.

We found out that the road was closed ahead.  The last 15 miles took over four hours as we waited for high tide to recede.

When they finally let us through, here is what we saw.

This car is buried in sand that came across the road from the ocean.

Here's part of the road crew that was working on the road.  The guy on the right started blushing when Robb thanked them and Kathy said, "You're my hero!"


Once the surf settled down, our humans spent a lot of time at the beach.  There were lots of guys fishing.  I hope Robb starts fishing soon--yum!

We made a new friend.

One morning Robb made pancakes on the griddle.

RVers aren't the only ones heading south.

Before we left the Outer Banks, Tasha spent some time catching up on her reading.

When we left for Newport, North Carolina, it was still pretty windy.  The picture below was taken on Ocracoke Island.  Just past the dunes on the left, is the ocean.

We took two ferries to get off of the islands.  We had never been on a boat before.   The camper in front of us reminded Tasha of our last RV.

Some guests who visited our web site said they would like to see more cats and less humans...  So Kathy and Robb took these pictures in the truck as we traveled to Newport.

Most of our time in Newport was spent relaxing, although our humans spent some time getting all the salt off of our rigs from the 2 hour trip on the Cedar Island Ferry. 

I spent most of my time relaxing, but Tasha helped Kathy around the RV.  Here she is helping Kathy clean off the dishes.

Next stop: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!


South Carolina 11/8-11/15

After we left Newport, North Carolina we headed to one of the south's most popular beach resort towns--Myrtle Beach!  Even in November it was pretty busy.  My humans said they were really happy that they were there out of season.  They don't like crowds.

At Myrtle beach there were people fishing.  Some people fish on the shore, and others go out on long piers.  Our humans found some really disgusting creatures on the beach.  The two pictures on the right are a horseshoe crab and a jellyfish.  YUKK!

Our humans sure like to walk around near beaches and palm trees.

At night it got kind of cold.  Mikey and I spent a lot of time near the space heater.

Robb and Kathy left us alone all day to go exploring with the Bergmanns.  They went to Georgetown, one of the oldest cities in South Carolina.

Below are some pictures of Georgetown's Harbor Walk.

Robb keeps talking about getting a boat like this and sailing around the world.  Kathy said she would stay home with us, although I think Mikey might be crazy enough to go with him.

This cannon was made in 1794.

After Georgetown, you would think the humans would hurry back to give us some treats.  Instead, they went to visit the old Hampton rice plantation. 

Wow!!!  What a big house.  There are probably lots of places for me to hide and get away from that pesty Mikey!

Kathy keeps talking about how green everything is, and she keeps taking pictures of flowers.  It's hard to tell, but that is someone walking around under the front porch of the mansion.  Below that is a fireplace.  It is all that remains of the former servant's quarters.  The house had burned down long ago.

Mikey and I were happy when they got home.  We tried our best to make them feel guilty about being gone so long.  It must have worked, because both of us got scratched and petted for quite a long time.


After Myrtle Beach, we went to Yemassee, South Carolina.  The RV was hardly even set up yet, and Tasha was begging for food.(Nothing new there!)

Before we knew it, the four Humans were off exploring again.  This time they went to another really old city, Beaufort.  Here are some pictures of Beaufort's Harbor Walk.

In Beaufort's downtown area there are lots of really big old houses.

On the way back they stopped off at a church that had been burned twice.

The rest of our time in Yemassee was spent relaxing.



Georgia 11/15-11/21

Next stop on our journey southward was Woodbine Georgia.  We stayed at King George RV Resort.  It was a small park, but it had most of the stuff our humans like: pull-thru sites, full hook-ups, free wi-fi inside the camper, and a hot tub.  Here is a picture of our trailer and the Bergmann's trailer.  (I think they are following us.  They seem to show up at all the same places we go to.)  The other picture is the view from our back window.  Kathy and Tasha like to sit back there a lot.

Some folks have asked what is wrong with my picture on our home page.  There is nothing wrong, it's just me looking out the screen door.  The screen door is my favorite place to watch and sniff the outside world.

Here's an inside shot of me sitting by the screen door.  BTW, that white square on the wall is the door to our own private litter box room.  (Is that too much information?)

Our humans like to go out exploring, and they found this place called the Okefenokee Swamp.  Robb kept talking about Pogo and the Green Sheet, but it didn't make any sense to me at all.

They went for a walk through the swamp.  Their first hike was 4 miles round trip.  On the right is a burned tree trunk.  Kathy told me that there are fires in the swamp every 4-5 years on average, and that is all part of the natural life cycle in the swamp.  She said there is a lot of peat in the swamp, and when lightning strikes, it's the peat that keeps the fire going.  They also seem to have some kind of animal called an alligator in this area.  They must beg for food, because there are lots of signs telling people not to feed them.

The picture below is sawtooth palmetto.  It is the most common form of ground cover in the swamp.

This is a boardwalk along the hiking trail that leads to Ridley Island.

The humans had to travel over Ridley Island to get to the Chesser Homestead, a self-sufficient swampland farm from a time gone by.  The picture on the bottom, right shows my obsessive-compulsive cleaning human after she found a broom on the porch.  Robb says that Kathy never met a broom she didn't like.

After four miles of walking through the swamp, you would think those crazy humans would be smart enough to come home.  Think again!  They went on another two mile hike.  It was all on a wooden boardwalk!  At the end of the boardwalk, they climbed a 50 foot high tower.  The tower overlooks a large area of the swamp.  It also has binoculars so that humans can look at alligators without having to get too close to them.


Mikey told you how I like to sit with Kathy and look out the back window.  That's true, but when she's gone, one of my favorite places to watch for wildlife is out the bedroom slide-out windows.

I think I spotted one of those alligators.

Anyway...  On Sunday, Robb and Kathy went to a church in a nearby town.  The congregation was very friendly.  They invited Robb and Kathy to come to a Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday night.  They were even told they could bring friends!

Robb and Kathy invited Bob and Donna, and they all went and had dinner at the church.  Robb and Kathy are both pictured below with Pastor Sam.  Bottom right are Robb, Kathy, Donna, and Bob enjoying their meal.  Robb said he met a lady who claimed that, "This is the eatin'ist church in the south.  I think I'm gonna have to start backsliding just so I can lose some weight."

I know the food was really good, because Kathy shared some of the leftovers with me and Mikey!


Newsflash, Tasha!  That was no alligator, it was a newt! 

I did a little research on the Internet.

Here's an alligator!