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Well, I think our humans have finally lost their minds.  They left Florida! What were they thinking?  It's cold up north in Georgia.  The first night it got down into the 30's, and guess who hogged the space heater!


Our first stop was Unadilla for a three day stay.  Southern Trails was a nice campground.  They even had their own chapel.  Robb and Kathy went for lots of long walks.

Next, we drove to the mountains of north Georgia near a town called Ellijay.  The campground we stayed at was half way up a mountain.  We had to travel up over a mile of one-lane, twisty, gravel road to get to our next campground.  Listening to Tasha whine did not make that part of our journey any easier. 

Anyway...  Camp Cherry Log was really nice.

Little Rock Creek winds its way through the campground.

As is often the case, our humans seek out human instead of feline companionship.  (A character flaw we don't quite understand, but we forgive them anyway.)  They met up with friends Randy and Kay for dinner.  Randy is a Honda Hoot volunteer just like Robb and Kathy.

Over the next few days our humans did a lot of exploring.  Their first stop was Amicalola Falls.  (Don't worry, Tasha can't pronounce it either.)

The falls drops 729 feet, and there are lots of stairs so you can follow the falls from top to bottom.  This picture shows less than half of the stairs.

Here is a pair of pictures that show the water above the falls, and what happens when gravity takes over.

There is a lodge up on the mountain.  It offers great views, and a place to relax.

Besides leaving us alone to go exploring, and hanging out with other humans, Robb and Kathy really disappointed us.  They started hanging out with--yuk--dogs.

Another one of their trips included going to Fort Mountain State Park.  Here is a view from one of the overlooks.

Saturday, Robb and Kathy went to the town of Dahlonega. Apparently the folks there will use any excuse to have a get-together.  Thirteen years ago a bear cub was found lost and disoriented, roaming the town square.  The following year they held the first annual Bear on the Square Mountain Festival in honor of that event.  This was the 12th year for the festival.  Besides the mountain crafts vendors, Robb said folks just showed up with an instrument, sat down, and started pickin' with whoever else was there.  There was bluegrass entertainment on the main stage in a tent, but there must have been a dozen mountain jam sessions going on at the same time all around the square for folks to enjoy as well.  The picture on the lower right shows a folk dancer (they bring their own boards to dance on) and another man playing the spoons.

The trip back from Dahlonega went through the Chatahootchee National Forest.  Robb says he wants to come back and ride his motorcycle on highway 60.

Sunday was church in Ellijay where we learned a lot about the Jewish celebration of Passover and its parallels to the Sacrifice that was Jesus Christ. 

After church we went to lunch at a local barbecue place.

Tasha and I are a little worried.  They keep taking us farther north.  Don't they know we've been Floridized??!!

After we left Georgia we did a lot of driving, and we only stayed at campgrounds for one night at a time.

The types of places we stayed on the way back to Wisconsin were quite different. 

Above are pictures from a campground in Manchester Tennessee

Below are pictures from the Princess Wenona (IL) RV Oasis and Truck Stop.

To make up for taking us back to the freezing north country, Robb and Kathy said they had a surprise waiting for us in Wisconsin...


When we got back to Wisconsin… WOW!!  Our humans took us to a kitty spa for a relaxing two week vacation.  The owner, Pearl, took such good care of us that we didn’t want to leave.  Here she is getting ready to give us treats!

The spa was decorated with amazingly good taste…



I signed up for “Power Napping”



and “Deep Tissue Massage.”



Tasha signed up for “Advanced Sniffing Techniques”



and “Yoga.”



There was entertainment daily on the back patio...



I heard the squirrels work for peanuts.



And, of course, we had to go to the spa’s portrait studio to get pictures taken for our humans to hang up in the RV.




Sadly, the two weeks went way too fast.  We said our goodbyes to Pearl, and left for our home in the woods near Elroy, WI.  After two weeks of R & R we were looking forward to a little adventure.